Warning – new e-mail scam “Acquire new EIN”

by in Newsletter on Jul. 3, 2012


It’s come to our attention that a number of tax professionals, IRS employees and others are receiving emails purported to be from the “IRS Office of Professional Responsibility.” We suspect this is a “PHISHING scheme” intended to fraudulently elicit personal information. The subject line contains “Acquire new EIN.” The text instructs the recipient to obtain a new “EIN” (Employer Identification Number) in connection with fraudulent actions on their behalf. A link is provided for detailed instructions.

These emails are not from the Internal Revenue Service or the Office of Professional Responsibility. Do not access the link provided or respond to these emails. Do not provide any personal information in response to these emails.  We’ve reported this matter to the appropriate entities.

Taxpayers who have received Phishing e-mails or telephone calls should be instructed to report the incident to phishing@irs.gov.  E-mails should be forwarded as an attachment to preserve information needed to further investigate the incident.